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About Mom's Bug Spray

Mom's Bug Spray was created in mind for a healthy alternative to powerful bug repellants. Our family realized after a battle with cancer that we needed a powerful bug repellant without cancer causing agents. As a family we have also lived with Lyme disease caused by a tick bite. Well Mom had enough so for the past 2 years she has developed an all natural bug repellant.

We started out giving it away to all our family and friends who came to visit. We live deep in the woods and have very hot and muggy summers filled with millions of bugs. This gave us a great opportunity to experiment with several different bug repellants. The ones that were the most effective had terrible cancer causing agents in them. This was unacceptable.

We wanted a bug repellant that was healthy to use and just as powerful. We also have several pets that were experiencing horrible bug issues as well. We sprayed ourselves, our kids and our pets. For the past summer we have been living bug free and enjoying the great outdoors at the same time.

We know there are a lot of great people out there that could benefit from this amazing formula. So we decided to do this website and put it on the market. You will not be able to get this in stores.

Max is a web devloper at by trade so we had him build this website. All transactions will go through A1WEBSITEPRO LLC.

Non-toxic Mom's Bug Spray is safe for the whole family. This all natural bug spray repels summer pests like mosquitoes, biting flies and ticks! Use it any time these pesky critters annoy you!

Our Promise

Mom's Bug Spray is made with all natural organic ingredients. It is manufactured in the USA. If you are not completely satisfied with Mom's Bug Spray return it for a full refund!

INGREDIENTS: Mineral Oil, Rose Geranium, Lavender, Lemongrass, Citronella, Eucalyptus, Cedarwood


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mom's Bug Spray safe for children and adults?

Yes, Mom's Bug Spray is an all natural topical spray created to repel biting insects. It is safe and effective for children ages 4+ and adults.

Are all your ingredients organic?

Yes, all of our ingredients are certified organic and made in the US. Mom's Bug Spray does not include soy, gluten, yeast, wheat, casein, nut oils, dairy, eggs or animal products.

Can Mom's Bug Spray be used on broken skin?

No, while Mom's Bug Spray is all natural, it is recommended that you do not spray it on broken skin to avoid irritation. It can be sprayed around broken skin.

Is Mom's Bug Spray safe for children and adults with allergies?

Yes, it is safe for children ages 4 and older with and without allergies. Mom's Bug Spray is an all natural safe and effective alternative to chemical sprays and is DEET FREE.

Does Mom's Bug Spray use any artificial additives?

No, there are no artificial additives, artificial colors or preservatives. Mom's Bug Spray is strictly an organic topical spray for external use only.

Is Mom's Bug Spray safe if my child has seasonal plant allergies?

Yes, Mom's Bug Spray does not contain any pollen and the oils used are generally safe for use. Review the ingredients if you need to check for specific plant oils that you have had a previous reaction to.

How does Mom's Bug Spray compare to powerful DEET containing bug sprays?

It is a safer alternative insect repellant that works just as strongly and smells great too. It does not contain any harmful chemicals that can cause any health concerns.

What makes Mom's Bug Spray different from other products?

We only use top quality organic ingredients, along with our proprietary blend of pure essential oils that make it more effective in the battle against bugs.

How often do I need to use Mom's Bug Spray?

Mom's Bug Spray can be used as often as needed. It should be sprayed on prior to outdoor activities for best results. It is recommended to re-spray after water activities.

Is it safe to use Mom's Bug Spray on my face?

Yes, it is safe to use Mom's Bug Spray everywhere you have bare skin available to insects. However, it is recommended that you avoid the eyes. If eye contact occurs you can simply flush the eyes with water to help relieve any discomfort.

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